News from HCJS

4th December 2019
At HCJS we no longer produce regular written newsletters.
We communicate about news and events using our very own school app. This app is a secure digital communication & engagement tool provided by our partners at WEDUC. it enables parents of HCJS pupils to receive notifications directly to their phone, tablet or PC and ensures that they are are always up to date with the latest news. 
If you are a prospective parent or interested visitor to this site, there are several HCJS related twitter accounts that will give you a flavour of what goes on at our school and which share the latest news.
Mr Leach's  (Headteacher) Twitter feed.                     
'Sporty Stuff'   our HCJS Sports news and latest results.                       
Tweets from our Parent Teacher Association.                     
Mr Millburn's  (year 6 teacher) Twitter feed