The Curriculum at HCJS

Our curriculum, both in and outside the classroom is designed to: recognise children’s prior learning, provide first hand learning experiences, allow the children to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers.
We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum, which not only provides essential knowledge and skills, but also promotes important spiritual, moral, social and cultural beliefs. In essence we aim to prepare all pupils to be well-balanced citizens who live in an ever changing and demanding world. A core principle of our curriculum here at HCJS is for it to be developmental. A curriculum should reinforce prior learning and increase in cognitive complexity. This means it should widen out as your child moves through the school, revisiting concepts in greater depth.
We do this through 3 aspects…..

Core skills – English and Maths focused learning


A Topic - Consists of other National Curriculum subjects (Lasts a full term) The current Topic Overview for each year group is published in the For Pupils section of this website. A full Curriculum map for Key Stage 2 can be downloaded via the link at the foot of this page.

A Theme – Delivered through a themed week
Through these aspects thread our 3 ‘ribbons’ (LOtC, the 4C’s and Values)