Our staff team

Senior Leadership Team
  • Mr Andy Leach


  • Mrs Sharon Palmer

    Assistant Headteacher

  • Mr Ben Smart

    Assistant Headteacher & Year 5 teacher (5S)

Teaching Support Staff
  • Mrs Jayne Ito

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Ellie Woodward

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Becki Abdey

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Rachael Bamford

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Lauren Caldwell

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Petina Dell

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Emily Sweeney

    Learning Support Assistant and Senior Lunchtime supervisor

  • Mrs Rachel Dunsmore

    Learning Support & Welfare Assistant

  • Mrs Suzanne Gaines

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Jo Moffat

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Karen Pattrick

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Nicki Perrott

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Ms Donna Rossiter

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Carita Zaldua

    Learning Support Assistant

Administration staff
  • Mr Kevin Thompson

    Site manager/Caretaker

  • Mrs Sam Rogers

    Office Manager

  • Mrs Jane Sharpe

    Business Manager

  • Mrs Michelle Borchart

    School Administrator

  • Mrs Emily Scott

    School Administrator

  • Mrs Erica Simpson

    Lettings & Finance Administrator

 Teaching Staff 
  • Mrs Dawn Tibbs

    Year 3 class teacher (3TP) PSHE Co-ordinator

  • Miss Sharon Phillips

    Year 3 class teacher (3TP) Outdoor learning co-ordinator

  • Mrs Rachel Collins

    Year 3 class teacher (3C)

  • Mr Tom Gore

    Year 3 class teacher (3G)

  • Mrs Harriet Craig

    Year 4 class teacher (4IC) R.E Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Sam Ing

    Year 4 Class Teacher (4IC) and Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator

  • Miss Claire McMahon

    Year 4 class teacher (4M)

  • Mrs Charlotte Conyers

    Year 4 class teacher (4C)

  • Miss Rachael Hill

    Year 5 class teacher (5H) Literacy Co-ordinator

  • Miss Villy Kouvarda

    Year 5 Class teacher (5K)

  • Mrs Maya Padmore

    Year 5 class teacher

  • Miss Rachel Adamson

    Year 6 teacher (6A) Music & MFL Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Francesca Charlton

    Year 6 teacher (6CO) Maths Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Hannah O'Keeffe

    Year 6 class teacher (6CO) Science Co-ordinator

  • Mr Andy Millburn

    Year 6 teacher (6M) P.E Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Cathy Duncan

    Specialist Art teacher

  • Mrs Caroline Armstead

    Pastoral Lead

Support Staff
  • Mrs Lydia Redshaw

    Lunchtime supervisor

  • Mrs Hilary Davies

    Catering Assistant

  • Mrs Adriana Baixinho

    Catering Assistant and Cleaner

  • Mrs Denise Tibbatts

    Senior Midday Supervisor

  • Mrs Annabel Magana

    Lunchtime supervisor

  • Mr Paul Booth