Parent Council


The Parent Council is a representative group of parents who:

  • provide parental input to the school improvement process
  • obtain and share parental feedback on school initiatives
  • highlight general areas which parents would like the school to consider
  • decide areas about which parental views will be actively sought

The Parent Council does not:

  • make strategic decisions, although it may make suggestions to the school and/or governing body
  • discuss areas of individual or personal concern


The membership comprises:

  • A least 1 parent from each year group
  • Head Teacher
  • A Parent Governor representative

 A request for volunteer members is made at the start of each academic year via the school newsletter. Where there is more than one volunteer per year group, the school office will hold the list of volunteers for future reference. Members may remain on the Parent Council for the duration of the school year. If any vacancies arise during the year, a replacement volunteer will be requested via reserve volunteer list.


The Parent Council meet each half term or more frequently if required.

The meetings are chaired on rotation. The chair for each meeting is responsible for:

  • Confirming meeting date and agenda
  • Confirming and circulating agenda
  • Chairing meeting
  • Writing and circulating minutes
  • Sending minutes to office for addition to website
  • Writing meeting summary for newsletter


  • A summary of each meeting will be included in the school newsletter
  • A page will be maintained on the school website including names of parent Councillors and copies of minutes of all meetings
  • A verbal report will be made to the governing body following each meeting