Parent Survey (2016)

The table below shows the responses to questions posed by the July 2016 Parent Questionnaire.

This was conducted online via Survey Monkey. Thank you to all parents who completed the Questionnaire - 132 individuals in total.

As always, we will continue to review our policies in the light of the Questionnaire results. Homework continues to be a controversial topic.

97% of pupils are happy at this school, 99% feel safe here according to these results.



'Agree' or



(2015 result)

'Disagree' or 'Strongly



(2015 result)


I am well informed of my child’s progress


76% (87%)


24% (13%)

My child is well taught at this school

 89% (90%)

11% (10%)

My child makes good progress at this school

 80% (86%)

20% (14%)

My child understands what their next steps are in order to progress

 77% (72%)

 23% (28%)

My child receives appropriate homework for their age and ability

67% (75%)

 33% (25%)

My child feels safe at this school

99% (98%)

 1% (2%)

My child is well looked after at this school

 97% (93%)

 3% (7%)

This school ensures children are well behaved

 96% (94%)

 4% (6%)

This school deals effectively with bullying – 64 % (71%) not aware of any bullying

 28% (21%)

8% (8%)

I feel well informed about what is going on in the school

 84% (93%)

 16% (7%)

Information is received in good time

 85% (85%)

 15% (15%)

The school playground provides a good area for physical and social interaction

 98% (99%)

 2% (1%)

There is a good display of children’s work on the walls

 96% (99%)

 4% (1%)

The school is well organised and managed

 88% (97%)

 12% (3%)

The governors play an effective role in supporting the school

 88% (93%)

 12% (7%)

My child is happy at this school                          97% (97%)             3% (3%)



Testimonials from parents (From 2016 survey)
'HCJS has been a magnificent school to all 3 of my children, I cannot support or recommend it highly enough. Let's hope potential parents don't just look at 'SATS  numbers and reports' it is a warm and welcoming school with passionate teachers'.

My son leaves in a few days to go to senior school. He has had some good times at this school and made some lifelong friends, he will miss it very much and I will also'.


'My third child is about to join HCJS in September, and I couldn't wish for a better school for her Junior years''.


'My children are both very happy at HCJS. Excellent progress is made and a lot of focus put on making learning enjoyable. Thank you!'


'I Think that HCJS is an excellent school. My children have had a wonderful experience and the staff always show the highest level of commitment to ensure that my children are happy and can develops to the best of their ability'.


'My child has been very happy during her 3 years at HCJS, she has grown both academically and emotionally. It has been the perfect school for her needs. Thank you'.


'Fabulous school - can't recommend them enough. We moved house and our child has come for the last year to build relationships before going up to big school. It was a daunting choice to take her out of her old school (who were apathetic towards parents - felt very uncomfortable around the head and governors) but Haddenham Juniors have made sure she was welcome and excelled at keeping her busy and motivated. Bravo!  Wonderful team of dedicated educators'.