Watch the short film below for an introduction to our brilliant PTA and their plans for 2020/21: then scroll down for more information about YOUR PTA
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PTA Committee Members

Chairman: Cassie Childs                      
Treasurer: Vacancy
Secretary: Lara Hillman

Teacher: Miss Rachael Hill

What do we do?

We raise funds for extra resources for the school to enhance our children’s learning experiences. We do this by organising  a range of fun events which appeal to the children and their parents.  As well as providing funds to pay for resources, which the staff and pupils choose, we hope these events give the children the opportunity to have fun with friends and feel proud of their school and its place in the local community.  Feedback from the children is that they love this additional dimension to school life. While the Committee members take responsibility for the fundraising strategy and carrying it out, many parents contribute time, when they can, to help out either behind the scenes with preparation or in person at events.

What have we bought?
We aim to raise approx £10,000 each school year.  In the past the PTA has contributed funds towards provision of the fabulous new library, purchase of school ipads, Yr 6 Leavers photographs as well as the provision of many classroom resources. Funds have also gone towards coach travel for trips, new benches and paint, plants for the quad and library resources.

What are we planning to buy?
£3000 has been earmarked for refurbishment of the North Area within the school and staff and pupils are busy drawing up exciting plans for this.
The possibility of providing a Trim Trail within the school grounds is also being investigated.
We are also considering funding a school pantomime trip at Christmas. 
As well as this we continue to be committed to running the termly discos - which are always well attended and keenly anticipated!

How could you help?
In a number of ways and any suggestions about this are always welcome! You can attend events and contribute to their success, you can help behind the scenes or directly on the day or afterwards, you can offer ideas and advice about how we could meet our fundraising targets, you can offer any particular skills or talents you may have.  We are always grateful to be put in touch with  any connections you may have (personal or professional) who may be able to help us raise money.  None of us are experts at this and we don’t bite so please get in touch if you think you could help.