Science - Home learning.

Science Investigation Home Task – ALL Year Groups


As part of our drive to encourage children to be more active in science and have inquisitive minds we have entered the Big Science Event competition. This was planned to be done in small groups at school but can equally be completed at home.

Children need to: 

  • Think of a question that they would like to know the answer to (see previous titles sheet to give you some ideas). You can carry out an investigation on one of the titles already on the sheet but it would be great to have something new.

  • Discuss with an adult whether it is possible to set up an experiment to answer the question.

  • Complete (with an adult) the investigation planning sheet.

  • Complete (with an adult) the risk assessment sheet, just to make sure you have thought about all the safety elements.

  • Make a prediction.

  • Complete the experiment / investigation.

  • Create a poster to explain all you have done and what the outcomes were (see examples of previous entries).

Happy investigating!

(Planning sheets can be found at the bottom of this page).