Year 5

The summer sun brings the carnival spirit to year 5 as we study South America and focus on Brazil and the Amazon rainforest. This will influence our poetic minds as we write a variety of imagery poems inspired by the rainforest animals, their natural habitat and how their lives have adapted throughout the years. Given the vast inspiration from the rainforest and its animals, we will be creating a non-chronological report with all your 'need-to-know' rainforest facts. 
We will be Samba side stepping to the dance floor to feel the Brazilian spirit through music and dance as the drums lead the beat. 
Science will see a range of experiments linked to insulation and conduction as well as the difference between materials and their properties. To make things even more exciting, the children will be visiting Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School for a day of Science experiments. Goggles at the ready as there will be fire, smoke and chemical reactions.