Year 6

Welcome to the year 6 page:

This half term's topic is: What a load of rubbish!

 Our Year 6 topic for the second half of the Autumn term is ‘What a Load of Rubbish!’ Saving our Planet is the main focus within the topic and different subject areas have been linked to this theme. In Geography we will be looking at the pros and cons of renewable and non renewable energy; the children’s research will culminate in a class debate. The children will also design an eco house, having to think about how and where they can save energy within the building. This will also link to their Literacy leaflets that will inform and encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint.

In Design and Technology, we will be designing and sewing tablets or phone cases using only recyclable materials. Instructions outlining how to make their case will be written on completion and form the second part of the Literacy Unit.  Science work on light and electricity lends itself nicely to the topic. Any off cuts of materials that children have at home could be saved in preparation for this topic.