HCJS uniform consists of the following items:

  • Grey shorts or trousers (not bootleg or flared)
  • Grey Pinafore or Skirt
  • White, buttoned shirt / blouse (can be short or long sleeved – no polo shirts)
  • White, Grey or Black socks
  • Navy blue jumper or cardigan with the school logo (available from mandsyourschooluniform.com or Bucks Schoolwear Plus, Aylesbury)
  • Sensible black school shoes (not trainers)
  • In the summer a navy blue and white check dress may be worn.   
  • Plain sandals may be worn in the summer.

P.E Kit

  • Polo shirt with logo in house colour
  • (Buckingham – Blue      Vale – Green      Chiltern – Yellow      Ridgeway – Red)
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Training shoes or plimsolls
  • Named sports bag

School hoodie (this has the house name under the school logo) and plain navy tracksuit bottoms as necessary for winter games

Please ensure that all clothing is permanently labelled with your child’s name.

Parents should be aware aware of the following:

  • Children should wear proper school trousers, no leggings.
  • Boots may be worn to and from school in cold weather, however proper black school shoes should be brought in to wear during the school day.
  • Long hair should always be tied back.  Hair bands / accessories should be plain preferably blue or black.  No flowers, patterns or embellishments.
  • Socks and tights should be white, black or grey.  No patterns or bright colours.
  • Nail varnish / makeup must not be worn to school.
  • Jewellery: If your child has pierced ears, only small plain studs are to be worn.  These must be removed for all PE / swimming lessons.  If your child intends to have their ears pierced, please do this at the beginning of the long summer holiday so that the earrings are ready to be removed when they start school in September.

The children are regularly reminded of the school uniform rules so we would appreciate parents support to help us enforce thhem.

Once again, we would ask that all items at clearly named.  Thank you.